BALANCE DESIGN: A city has its own memories. An old street is filled with traces of history. Commercial intervention brings the current lifestyle. To have a dialogue with the century-old streets, And the venue seems to become a stage. People and events continue to be interpreted, in the city, in the past, and in the future.


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▽老街历史 History of old street



01/「青岛往事」 百年街巷×历史沉淀“Qingdao’s Past”Centennial streets and alleys × historical deposition



In Beijing, there are hutongs, in Shanghai, there are alleys, and in Qingdao, there are Liyuan and century-old streets. Silver Fish Alley is one of the representatives.

The Yinyu Lane block is mostly composed of traditional courtyard buildings with Qingdao characteristics, which have important historical and cultural value and are also a witness to Qingdao’s century-old history. Yinyu Lane is named after the German name “Silberfisch” at the beginning of the street’s establishment, which translates directly as “Yinyu (Silver Fish) Street”. At the same time, it incorporates the Qingdao nursery rhyme “One, Two, Three, Go to the Street”, which refers to the entire area as “Shangjieli·Yinyu Lane”, making the name both friendly and interesting as well as having a human continuity. Since the beginning of 2020, with the comprehensive launch of the conservation and repair work of Qingdao’s historic city area, the material cultural elements have been retained to the greatest extent, and a number of original brand businesses have been introduced to create an “original brand collection block”, which has revitalized the old street.


▽宁阳路街区航拍 Aerial photo of Ningyang Road block

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02/「对话」品牌注入×续写对话 Dialogue Brand injection × continuing the conversation

品牌×文化  Brand × Culture


M Stand品牌于2017年在上海诞生,是一个咖啡连锁品牌。M Stand即Mind Stand,寓意“无需标榜,不被定义”。每一个主体都有自己的立场,有想要实现的自我,M = Mind,象征自我意识的实现, Stand =“场”,立场。

1/ The relationship between brand and local culture

The M Stand brand was born in Shanghai in 2017 and is a coffee chain brand. M Stand stands for Mind Stand, which means “no need to advertise, not defined”. Every subject has its own position, has its self-awareness, M = Mind, Stand = “Field”, position.


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人×空间×场地 People × Space × Venue



2/Dialogue between people, space and site

Qingdao Yinyu Lane is one of the earliest developed blocks during the German occupation period, adjacent to Qingdao’s old railway station and port. The blocks are mostly traditional courtyard buildings, recording important samples of historical and cultural information of Qingdao’s commercial port during the special historical period. With the passage of time, the trestle bridge, the Beach Bathing Ground, the old Qingdao Railway Station, and Yinyu Lane have become a popular cultural tourism route.


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Let the brand and the city enter a “dialogue” relationship, and we raise the “banner” of the brand. The side entrance is located in the visual center of the main road, integrating the brand’s attitude into life from a new standpoint.


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A century-old street, which has gone through many vicissitudes, is observed from the perspective of “it”. When it is given a new and vital role, the perspective is shifted to simulate a “conversation” across time and space.



03/「空间建构」百年栈桥×见证变迁 “Space Construction” Centennial Trestle Bridge × witnessing changes


The Trestle Bridge is a landmark building in Qingdao and also the most representative and well-known urban landmark. The Trestle Bridge was built in the 18th year of Guangxu’s reign (1892). At the beginning, it was used as a military dock for the Beiyang Navy. It was not only the only supply line for the Jiao’ao garrison in the Qing Dynasty, but also the earliest artificial dock in Qingdao. Qingdao Port also used it as the starting point for its construction and development. During the following century, the Trestle Bridge has undergone several renovations and reconstructions, but still stands on the shore of the Yellow Sea. Later, with the development of the city, it continued to evolve and become a scenic spot.


▽不断演变的栈桥 The ever-evolving trestle

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The trestle is not only a symbol of Qingdao, but also represents a period of true history. It is filled with many stories about Qingdao, standing on the coast, looking back at the city and our lives.

Taking Qingdao Trestle Bridge as a lead, intervene in the construction of public space.

Beside the Trestle,stay, a “parking spot”.



外摆的概念在形态上模拟栈桥边,升起桅杆,树起品牌的旗帜。 规划出围合与界限。 让来往的行人,停驻、休憩、启程。 营造出一个码头“停泊点”。

The concept of exterior exhibition simulates the side of the pier in form, raising the mast and raising the banner of the brand. Plan the enclosure and boundaries. Let the passing pedestrians stop, rest, and depart. Create a “parking spot” for the dock.


▽场地空间动图 Site space GIF

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入口的弧形石阶,叠加老建筑的文化记忆。 M造型的桌子,抽象而成的栈桥构件做站脚。 缆桩造型做座椅,增加街头感的趣味。 停靠或者走上栈桥。 恰巧,正好有两只海鸥停驻此处。

The curved stone steps at the entrance add cultural memories of old buildings. The M-shaped table with abstract trestle components as its base adds a sense of street style. The cable piles are used as seats, adding interest to the street feel. Stop or walk onto the trestle. There happened to be two seagulls resting here.


▽青岛花石楼石阶元素 Qingdao Huashi floor stone step elements

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▽M形态的外摆组成多种使用场景 The M shape of the external pendulum constitutes a variety of use scenarios

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▽由栓船桩演化的座椅形态 The seat shape evolved from the bolting pile

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栈桥,是历史和时间,发生、相遇、离开的场地。 栈桥似乎一直在那里观望,观望着时间和历史,以及当下。 与场地、与人、与文化、与生活,形成人、物、场的链接。 一边停靠,一边回望。 穿越时间,跨越空间。

The “Trestle Bridge” plays the leading role in the construction space, Forming a “recreation” line as the core.

The pier is a place where history and time meet, encounter, and depart. The pier seems to be watching time and history, as well as the present, from there. It forms a link between people, things, and places with the site, people, culture, and life. It docks while looking back. It traverses time and space.


© 李迪


在空间中置入“栈桥”形态的构筑作为空间主角,“游憩”的动线形成视觉核心记忆点。 抽取青岛栈桥两侧护栏不同时期演变形态,采用现代手法,解构出一个符号构件。

以大雾下无垠的海作为视觉背景墙,就像青岛的大雾,时常让这座城市变得若隐若现。 斑驳的木质扶手,手凿面青石板,木质家具的肌理,平添了几份厚重及暖意。 耐候钢的肌理沉淀出历史的痕迹。 让历史与现在,让老建筑与新材料,形成一场跨越式的对谈。

The “trestle bridge” form of the structure is placed in the space as the protagonist, and the “recreation” dynamic line forms a visual core memory point. By extracting the different forms of the guardrails on both sides of Qingdao’s Trestle Bridge over time, a modern approach is used to deconstruct a symbolic component.

The visual background wall is a boundless sea under heavy fog, just like Qingdao’s fog, which often makes the city appear and disappear. The mottled wooden handrail, the hand-chiseled green slate, and the texture of wooden furniture add a sense of heaviness and warmth. The texture of weather-resistant steel has accumulated historical traces, allowing history and the present, old buildings and new materials to form a leapfrog dialogue.


© 刘南南

▽青岛大雾下无垠的海 Qingdao endless sea under fog

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为了不破坏现场还原建筑真实的肌理,吊顶区域将碳化木隔板阵列排布,增添序列感的同时,也隐藏了空调设备及管线。 让建筑本身厚重斑驳的感受更加强烈。

In order not to destroy the true texture of the restored building on site, the suspended ceiling area is arranged with a carbonized wood partition array, adding a sense of sequence while concealing air conditioning equipment and pipelines. This enhances the building’s heavy and mottled feel.


▽内部空间的细节肌理 Detail texture of the interior space

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栈桥两侧护栏不同时期演变形态,用现代手法凝练出一个符号构件。 让历史与现在,老建筑与新材料,形成一场跨越式的对谈。

The evolution of the guardrails on both sides of the trestle in different periods is condensed into a symbolic component using modern techniques, allowing history and the present, old buildings and new materials to form a leapfrog dialogue.


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为了减少对房梁的破坏,同时又必须满足照明需求。 我们选择了悬空钢丝拉绳吊灯。 同时结合老木梁形态设计了衔接构件,巧妙地隐藏钢丝灯驱动及走线并散热。

In order to reduce the damage to the beams while meeting the lighting needs, we chose a suspended steel wire chandelier. At the same time, we designed a connecting component that integrates with the shape of the old wooden beams, cleverly concealing the steel wire lamp drive, wiring, and heat dissipation.


© 刘南南

▽设计拉结构件,巧妙隐藏钢丝灯驱动及走线并散热 Design the pull structure, cleverly hide the wire lamp drive and wiring and heat dissipation

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04/「驻留」静默伫立×再次出发”Residence” Standing silently and starting again



In the interlacing past and future, let coffee become the medium of taste, counting down the century-old silverfish lane. Staying and waiting is the field of time, the materialized texture of space, and the expression of human form. Just like the side of the Trestle Bridge.

The mottled and rugged walls and red tile roofs left by the years have precipitated historical imprints and repair traces from different periods. Behind the historical buildings is the baptism of time, which embraces everything. While respecting history, let the new interpretation of brand culture continue to converge and intertwine here.


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The brick-red tiles, the mottled brick walls, and the yellowing time are still there. They still retain a lot of the imprints of the past. They silently tell the story of this old street. Waiting for the passing pedestrians, waiting to stop, waiting to meet, ordering a cup of coffee, ready to start again.


© 李迪 © 刘南南 © 刘南南


倾听老建筑的历史回声 ,一场穿越式的对谈,百年时间的沉淀。品牌商业的注入,续写下新的对话。荡起回响。

Listen to the historical echoes of old buildings, A cross-time dialogue, a century of accumulation. The injection of brand commerce continues to create new conversations. Stirring echoes.


▽一层平面图 Ground floor plan

▽二层平面图 Two-level plan




项目名称:M stand 青岛银鱼巷旗舰店
项目地点:山东 青岛
Project name: M stand Qingdao Yinyu Lane Flagship Store
Project location: Qingdao, Shandong
Project area: 157m2
Design agency: BALANCE DESIGN
Design director: Dong Xinmeng
Design team: Dong Xinmeng, Chen Jie, Lin Wehao, Su Tiancai, Chi Qing
Copywriting director: Chen Jie
Completion time: September 2023
Photography: Li Di, Liu NannanM stand




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