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——李中伟 写于1933老场坊

Lab D+H: The landscape design of Hongshoufang has lasted nearly four years, from the conceptualization phase to the project’s completion. The story behind this project is extensive, encompassing various aspects such as design implementation, tile wall construction, and meticulous attention to drainage details. Gratitude is extended to every team member and our client SOL for their professionalism and patience, which were instrumental in the successful realization of this project.



O1 缘 起 | ORIGIN


Hongshoufang boasts a rich history, evolving from the renowned commercial hub of Changshou Road to the iconic self-ringing bell. It remains an indelible memory in the hearts of Shanghai residents. The writer Jin Yucheng frequently mentioned the Dazhimingzhong Vegetable Farm in his work ” Blossoms Shanghai.” 


▽大自鸣钟历史照片及老长寿路商业街景 Historical photos of Great Bell and commercial street view of Old Changshou Road



In 2020, drawing upon historical memory, Hongshoufang underwent transformation into a multifaceted project blending community commerce and tower offices, aimed at injecting fresh vitality into this venerable district.


▽鸿寿坊鸟瞰 Bird ‘s-eye view of Hongshou Fang




The location of Hongshoufang is less than ideal, as it does not conform to the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) model nor does it serve as the city’s core in the conventional sense. Additionally, a portion of the site is obstructed by the Merchants Building, presenting a series of challenges to the development of public spaces. During the comprehensive site survey, we unearthed numerous intriguing details and characteristics, which subsequently served as a wellspring of inspiration for our design.


▽鸿寿坊改造前现状照片 Photo of Hongshou Fang before renovation

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From the beginning of our design, we have focused on the concept of exquisite fireworks, integrating Shikumen with modern urban sense, and producing a unique additive effect. The overall layout is simple. The north-south marketlane connects Changshou Road and Xinhui Road with a pedestrian street. The main nodes of the landscape are produced on this line.


▽场地特征及灵感 Site characteristics and inspiration

©️Lab D+H SH

▽鸿寿坊平面图 Plan

©️Lab D+H SH



The site is divided into three zones: Hongwafang, Quanshuifang, and Changjifang. The paving logic is straightforward, distinguishing between areas for lingering and areas for passage through variations in pavement color depth. Paving sizes increase closer to the central plaza and decrease farther away from it. We make efforts to preserve all existing mature trees and incorporate greenery throughout the site. From a plan perspective, effective strategies typically do not necessitate overly intricate layout designs but rather clear design logic.


▽场地分区示意图 Site zoning diagram

©️Lab D+H SH


红瓦坊:击穿时空的万家瓦墙 Red Tile Lane

老上海的市井生活离不开石库门里弄,每当提到石库门,人们的脑海中便会浮现出一排排整齐而有序的红瓦屋顶交错在石库门建筑群中的情景。 我们希望用一面由万家瓦组成的景墙将过去的场景和记忆一同带回,让周边的新老居民共同了解时代发展的步履与社区逆龄的魅力。

The street life of old Shanghai is inseparable from Shikumen Lane. Whenever Shikumen is mentioned, people’s minds will come up with the scene of red tile roofs interlaced in Shikumen buildings. We hope to bring back the past scenes and memories with a landscape wall composed of old tiles, so that the new and old residents around can understand the charm of the times and community development together.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影 ©️Lab D+H SH ©️Lab D+H SH ©️Lab D+H SH ©️Lab D+H SH



In order to pass on this memory, we recycled the flat red tiles around the site. Thousands of red tiles are recycled from the old Shikumen building. We carefully wash each tile and select the color and shape. The tiles are rearranged to form a landscape wall. As a witness of history, the red tile wall tells the story of the city to every visitor.


▽从周边老石库门建筑回收而来的机平红瓦 Machine flat red tiles recycled from the surrounding old Shikumen buildings

©️住总建设尹敬楠 ©️住总建设尹敬楠

▽瓦墙施工过程 Tile wall construction process

©️Lab D+H SH ©️Lab D+H SH ©️Lab D+H SH



Red tiles have taken on a deep red or brick red hue over time. The form combined with green plants presents a unique aesthetic feeling.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影



Although the color and texture of tiles are different, it is this unique diversity that will break through the way of space-time d and dialogue with the public, forming a unique cluster resonance. Many old people came to Hongshoufang specially to take photos with the tile wall to find the memory of the past.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影



Every detail of the tile wall has been repeatedly deliberated from design, proofing to landing.


▽样板段打样 Sample section proofing


▽水景细节 Water feature detail

©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影

▽历史信息细节 Historical information details

©️Lab D+H SH ©IAM岸木摄影

▽瓦片细节 Tile detail



As night falls, the tiles emit warm light, which conveys the temperature of Shikumen to every visitor.


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泉水坊:闹市之中的静谧烟火 Spring Lane


Spring Lane is located in the assembly square at the intersection of old and new buildings. Gushing springs and circular benches become the core focus of the site.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影



We positioned it as a place where people gather and drink happily, and a corner where nature and architecture blend perfectly. We created an eye-catching atmosphere like a work of art by subtly interspersing Ilex rubra tree between the grounds.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影



The square is surrounded by various restaurants and shops, and the pavement of the ground is skillfully changed. In order to create a warm sense of convergence in the central square, the size of the pavement near the center of the square gradually increases, and the tone gradually warms up, while the size of the pavement near the restaurants is relatively exquisite.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影



Under the complex restrictions of fire protection and public walkways, planters and evergreen trees are integrated into them as far as possible. They bring pleasant shade to the crowd. The square gathers daily life, food and social interaction, which adds a leisurely and comfortable life to the busy block.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影


长集坊:长集里巷中的精致烟火气Marketlane的街巷空间 Market Lane

长集坊位于新会路入口,是另一条主要街道。东侧保留石库门建筑的历史风貌,西侧则是鸿寿坊食集。FOODIE SOCIAL 3.0作为瑞安新天地旗下的创新美食文化体验品牌,旨在满足长寿商圈周边居民的日常和社交需求,提供平价菜场,营造别样社区生活场景,让居民在家门口体验更为精致的烟火气。

Located at the entrance of Xinhui Road, Market Lane is another main street. The east side retains the historical features of Shikumen architecture, while the west side is Hongshoufang Foodie. Foodie social 3.0 aims to meet the daily and social needs of residents around Changshou Circle, provide affordable vegetable farms, create different community life scenes, and let residents experience more exquisite at their doorsteps.


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In order to create this unique experience, we have creatively broken the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Landscape consultants work with interior design consultants to unify the paving. The indoor and outdoor pavement adopts the same size and color system, so that the overall environment presents a consistent visual experience.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影



Green gradually permeates from the outside to the inside. Olive and a series of green plants inject vigorous vitality into the interior of the market. This design technique not only makes people feel the harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor, but also makes the interior of the market into the embrace of nature, bringing a fresh and pleasant atmosphere to the whole space.





The pavement in this area echoes the architecture of Shikumen, which is more primitive and incorporates more traditional features. The pavement dimensions along both sides of the building are narrower than the corridor. Our well-designed flat ground tree pond grate fully combines the high branch point of beech trees, which not only skillfully avoids the fire lane, but also makes way for the spilling out space to the greatest extent, creating a suitable street walking scale.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影




The project implements the concept of sustainability. Rainwater collection and reuse system shall be arranged in the whole site. Water-saving irrigation system is adopted in the green area to maximize the utilization of water resources and minimize the maintenance cost. 50% of the site uses high reaction materials to ensure that the site does not accumulate too much heat and reduce the urban heat island effect caused by hard materials.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影



At the same time, we also pay great attention to the details, and the form of the drainage outlet changes according to the characteristics of the site. The differentiated drainage outlet form not only considers the drainage function, but also adds unique design elements to the site. In the lane of Shikumen, the floor is paved with green bricks to talk with the ancient buildings. The wall of the planting pool and the entrance stone are made of slightly natural bluestone, which strengthens the feeling of simplicity. Climbing plants and shrubs are interspersed among them, bringing back the original wild interest of the site.


©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影 ©IAM岸木摄影




After the completion of Hongshoufang, the results exceeded many people’s expectations. It has not only become the center of a community, but also an ideal place for the elderly and young people to relax. Class, generation gap and different preferences are all smoothed by warmth in this unique public space, where fireworks are constantly breeding and colliding. Many interesting interactions and changes are still taking place. There are many as scheduled, and many surprises.


▽周末市集及节日活动 Weekend markets and festivals

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The integration of fireworks not only updates the appearance of the old blocks, but also updates the impression and memory of Shanghai by three generations of old, middle-aged and young Shanghainese. Hongshoufang is continuing to write a new chapter of ” Blossoms” in the new generation of neighborhoods in Shanghai. Here, there are strong and distant echoes, blending the memories and feelings of the years. People are communicating and gradually approaching the deeper cultural core of the city.


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设计公司:Lab D+H SH上海事务所
客户:瑞安房地产SHUI ON LAND
建筑设计:Plus 8 Consulting

Project name: Shanghai Hongshoufang
Year completed: 2023
Project area: 15257.9m²
Project Location: No. 1143 Xikang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Design company: Lab D+H SH
Company website:
Contact email:
Design Team: Li Zhongwei, Lin Nan, Zhu Nan, Zhu Jiali, Zhang Qiran, Gong Haokun, Zhou Xinyi, Zhang Jingyan, Liu Yani, Zhao Chencheng
Construction unit: Shanghai Zhongsheng Construction Engineering Co., LTD. (Hard View Construction); Shanghai Jurong Garden Construction (Group) Co., LTD. (Green construction); Shanghai Zhuzong Group Construction Development Co., LTD. (Tile wall construction)
Architectural design: Plus 8 Consulting
Executive Architect: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., LTD
Historic preservation: Shanghai Zhangming Architectural Design Office (Limited partnership)
Interior Design: LINEHOUSE
Lighting Consultant: ULDA
Logo Consultant: JWDK
Green Building /LEED: EMSI
BIM: Shanghai Sihanfu




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