Napp Studio & Architects:在商场中庭区域,设计师以抽象的“云朵”为概念打造了一个充满趣味的空间。中庭展馆由多个相互交错的“气泡”组成,每个“气泡”都对应着一个主题,将关于飞行的策展故事情节逐一展示出来。

Napp Studio & Architects:Spatialising the ‘Desire’ (to fly) into comical idea clouds, the atrium exhibition pavilion is composed of multiple intersecting (idea) bubbles. Each of them corresponds to a theme extended from the progressive curatorial storyline about flying, ranging from desiring, learning, taking off to up in the air.




The journey begins with a gentle slope as the runway axis, with a number of platforms on both sides branching out. Arriving at the atrium with a generous scale, natural light floods in from the skylight above casting shadows of the bamboo weave.



“云朵”由水平竹条和两层偏离中心的垂直竹条编织而成,并由一组最细的钢肋内部结构支撑,以塑造多个球体形态。这一大型的艺术装置总共使用了 6 公里长的竹条,之后它们将被回收并重新用于其他展览和艺术作品之中。

The cloud is weaved by horizontal and 2 off-centred vertical layers of bamboo strips, supported by a minimal set of steel ribs inner structure, to achieve the multi-spherical form. While a total of 6km of bamboo strips are used, they will be reclaimed and reused for exhibitions and artworks afterward.


▽中庭设计图纸 PAtrium Drawing



Sequel to the atrium exhibition, the gallery completes the narrative with descending, landing, recalling, and planning for the next journey. The thematic color continues from skyblue in the sky inherited from the atrium to dark night sky blue gradually upon ‘landing’. Translating the idea cloud geometry into planar configuration, the space is composed of a cloud of various shapes tailored for each chapter.



▽陈列馆设计图纸 Gallery drawings




地点:中国 香港
策展设计师:Napp Studio&Architects
设计团队:Aron TSANG、Frida LAW、Liselle NAM、 Ryan HUNG、Sean LAM、Wesley HO
策展人: Benny AU、Teresa CHAN
平面设计:Amazing Angle Design
制造商:Hattrick Creative

Project Name: DESIRE TO FLY
Location: Airside, Hong Kong
Exhibition Architect: Napp Studio & Architects
Design Team: Aron TSANG, Frida LAW, Liselle NAM, Ryan HUNG, Sean LAM, Wesley HO
Curator: Benny AU, Teresa CHAN
Graphics Design: Amazing Angle Design
Fabricator: Hattrick Creative



审稿编辑: SIM

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