Secret Gardens:库尔兰住宅(Courland House)由设计事务所 Secret Gardens 设计并拥有,该项目充分利用了场地的每一寸空间,同时也最大限度地利用了周围的植被和地区景观。

花园面积 700 平方米,主要分布于 9 米宽的街区内,做到了与建筑的完美融合,在确保与外部保持紧密联系的同时,又不影响住宅的功能性和私密性。花园的设计让生活在其中的人享有整个场地北面的绝佳景观。

Secret Gardens:Created by and for the owners of Secret Gardens, Courland House is a project that maximises every part of the site whilst also taking advantage of the surrounding vegetation and district outlooks.

Spanning 700 square metres, over a predominantly 9 metre wide block, this garden displays perfect integration with the architecture, ensuring a strong connection with the exterior and beyond without any compromise to functionality or privacy. The garden has been designed to be lived in and amongst, enjoying a wonderful northern aspect across the entire length of the site.


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“设计我们的花园是为了与家人、朋友和我们自己建立联系。这是一个娱乐、休闲和放松的地方”。——业主兼创意总监 Matthew。

“Designing our garden was about connection with family, friends and ourselves. A place to entertain, retreat and relax.” Matthew——Owner & Creative Director


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“住宅中的每个房间都与花园相连,每间卧室外都有附属的私人庭院,为居住者提供绿色景观和充足的自然光线,并保持与户外的联系。”—— 业主 Rochelle。

“Every room in the house connects to a garden, with private courtyards off each bedroom providing a green outlook, connection to the outdoors, and an abundance of natural light.” Rochelle——Owner


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项目名称:Courland House
面积:700 平方米
项目地点:澳大利亚 库吉

景观设计:Secret Gardens
首席景观设计师:Matt Cantwell

建筑设计:Spicer Architecture
首席建筑师:Jonathan Spicer
客户:Matt Cantwell 和 Rochelle Abood
建设者:Pride and Passion
室内设计:Form Follows Function

图片来源:Nicholas Watt

Project name: Courland House
Completion Year: 2022
Size: 700 square metres
Project Location: Coogee

Landscape: Secret Gardens
Contact e-mail:
Lead Landscape Architects: Matt Cantwell

Architects: Spicer Architecture
Contact e-mail:
Lead Architects: Jonathan Spicer
Clients: Matt Cantwell and Rochelle Abood
Builder: Pride and Passion
Interiors: Form Follows Function

Photo credits: Nicholas Watt



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