MIA Design Studio:在我们的职业生涯中,能与独特而才华横溢的投资商合作使我们深感荣幸,其中“荣市公园”项目就是一个突出的例子。投资方对自然和绿意有着深厚的感情,因此我们抓住机遇,将本项目打造成为自然、葱郁景观的一部分。

MIA Design Studio: In the course of our professional journey, we have been fortunate to engage with unique and talented Investors, with The Park  in Vinh serving as a standout example. The Investor for this project holds a profound love for nature and greenery. Consequently, we seized the opportunity to transform this endeavor into an integral part of the natural and lush landscape.


© Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien



The mission of The Park  transcends the mere construction of a building; it is an elegant fusion of architecture and nature. We posed the question: “How can we harmoniously blend the complex functions of a public service facility within an urban setting, creating a spacious, natural ambiance, seamlessly integrated into the main traffic axis, making the structure nearly ‘invisible’?”


© Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien



The design process commenced with inspiration drawn from the existing landscape. We delicately expanded functional areas and extended the view towards the lake. The layout of The Park  was meticulously crafted, with clever interplay between architectural blocks, fostering a refined interaction. Furthermore, as we designed hillside gardens, we introduced open spaces at the hill’s summit, allowing for an airy and naturally lit environment for this tropical architectural creation.


▽山坡花园 Hillside Gardens

© Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien



The architectural façade of The Park  is meticulously designed, with a focus on intricate detailing. These carved openings serve not only as prominent features enhancing the building’s aesthetics but also as lantern-like structures that, when combined with the shimmering reflection on the lake’s surface, create a captivating during the night. This method not only addresses the issue of nighttime illumination but also significantly reduces solar glare during daylight hours, with up to two-thirds of sunlight being mitigated.


© Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien


▽镂空的建筑立面也是一种类似“灯笼”的结构,在夜晚营造出迷人的效果 The carved openings also serve as lantern-like structures, create a captivating during the night.

© Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien



The Park in Vinh is more than just a construction project; it is an artful architectural creation that beautifully coexists with nature. Through a thoughtful fusion of architecture and landscape, this project offers a unique space that serves the community and the urban environment in a truly meaningful way.


© Trieu Chien


▽总平面图 Master plan

© MIA Design Studio


▽空间布局平面 Layout plan

© MIA Design Studio


▽建筑分析图 Diagram

© MIA Design Studio


▽剖面图 Section

© MIA Design Studio


▽立面图 Elevation

© MIA Design Studio





项目名称: The Park
地点: 越南义安省荣市
投资方: Ecopark
设计师: MIA Design Studio & Ecopark
首席建筑师: Nguyen Hoang Manh
概念设计: Nguyen Hong Quan
照片来源:Trieu Chien

Project name: The Park
Location: Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
Investor: Ecopark
Designed in: 2017
Completed in: 2023
Design by: MIA Design Studio & Ecopark
Principal Architect: Nguyen Hoang Manh
Concept Design: Nguyen Hong Quan
Technical Design: Ecopark
Photo: Trieu Chien






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