ASPECT Studios:ASPECT Studios 在悉尼城市北部中心为城市居民提供了一个深受喜爱的户外活动场所-贝里广场。它舒适、有趣、独特又富有生机,是城市中新兴的活力中心,将人们重新汇聚到一起,为社区生活注入新的生机与活力。

ASPECT Studios:Berry Square is the latest addition to the 1 Denison Street Precinct, a revitalised city quarter in the heart of North Sydney. The project provides generous green infrastructure, multiple resting spaces, a strengthened community identity and rejuvenates a previously disjointed area.




In response to Winten Property Group’s brief to create a space that promotes comfort and accessibility for the public, Berry Square has a welcoming new presence with the addition of an immersive canopy structure that seamlessly connects the various pockets of space, providing an enhanced sense of place and, facilitates easy access and free flow within the area.



应业主要求,为给游客带来一个舒适且便于通行的场所体验,ASPECT Studios决定推陈出新,在项目中布置了一系列” 树冠装置 ”,这些装置将场地中的分散独立的口袋空间无缝连接,游客可以在一个相对围合连续的空间中自在走动,沉浸感受场景之间的惊喜与变化。

The radial design offers increased amenity with carefully curated details – from the warm palette of materials, intentional planting design, furniture selection, to the suite of inviting details to elicit the feeling of an outdoor sun-room.




Filled with community, character and purpose, this vibrant public square has become a sought-after destination for residents and visitors alike.




Special thanks to Breakspear Architects, Icon Project Management, Electrolight, enstruct, Aurecon and CD Construction Group for your support on this project.


特别鸣谢:Breakspear Architects, Icon Project Management, Electrolight, enstruct, Aurecon and CD Construction Group

摄影:Florian Groehn



审稿编辑: Maggie

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