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Fiona Lynch Interior,位于澳大利亚墨尔本,专注于住宅、零售和酒店领域的室内设计。创始人Fiona Lynch是一位令人尊敬的设计师,她曾任职于MGT,John Wardle和Bates Smart等建筑设计事务所,早期的职业生涯中,使她积累了丰富的各类项目设计经验。

Fiona Lynch Interior is a Melbourne design studio specialising in residential, retail and hotel interiors known for their artistic approach to Interior design. Fiona Lynch is a highly respected interior architect who has worked with MGT Architects, John Wardle Architects and Bates Smart during her impressive career.

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Sorrento House

Sorrento住宅位于墨尔本,自然极简的审美趣味,表达了Fiona Lynch对日常生活的细致理解。室内摒弃了夺目的色调和繁复的装饰,以简洁直白的空间语言诠释高雅的家居美学。

Located in Melbourne, Sorrento House emphasizes nature and minimalism. Fiona Lynch has integrated design into life to improve the keynote of living aesthetics. She describes elegant home aesthetics with simple and straightforward space language, abandoning complicated colors and decorations, and naturally improving the quality of space by reducing complicated and concise.

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对于Fiona Lynch来说,令人舒适的暖色调是营造温馨家居氛围的首要条件。流畅的简洁线条,结合天然的材料肌理,给Sorrento住宅增添了人文的温度。几分度假和闲适的意韵流动,体现主人对“生活温柔”的渴望无处不在。倾泻而下的阳光,以空灵之美的姿态,让人产生怀旧之情。

For Fiona Lynch, warm colors are essential to creating a cozy home. The combination of unique aesthetics and natural materials adds warmth to Sorrento House. Smooth lines and soft colors reveal a warm atmosphere everywhere. Local space no longer pile up redundant elements, fully show the beauty of white space. Light color attune lets host “gentle” everywhere be absent. The sunshine pouring down shows the ethereal beauty of the design, which makes people feel nostalgic.

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Burnley House

Fiona Lynch完成了位于墨尔本的一座三层别墅,这座别墅强调了光线和纹理在空间的体现。轻质金属的点缀和低奢的布艺材质体现了内饰的个性和华丽。而开放厨房和就餐区是整个空间浓墨重彩之处,定制的橡木餐凳微妙地呼应了椭圆形大理石餐桌的轮廓,半透明浅绿色的玻璃纤维体块成为令人印象深刻的背景所在。

Fiona Lynch completed a three-story villa in Melbourne which highlighted the light and texture in the space.The light metal ornament reflects the personality and magnificence of the interior.The central kitchen and dining area are the finishing touch throughout the space, with the custom oak dining stool subtly echoing the outline of the oval marble table, and the translucent light green fiberglass beautifully supporting the entire background wall.

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Lee Mathews

Fiona Lynch受澳洲时装品牌Lee Mathews委托,设计他们位于墨尔本的服装零售店。时装设计师Lee Mathews认为Fiona Lynch的设计可以激发人们的灵感和想象力,给来访者带来一种清新、充满好奇心的不一样的视觉体验之旅。无论空间是无序的还是拼贴的,在这些元素的互相冲击下,都表达了它们彼此依存的独特内在个性。

Fiona Lynch was commissioned by Australian fashion brand Lee Mathews to design their Melbourne retail store. The retail space is designed to be a refreshing and curious experience. Fashion designer Lee Mathews believes Fiona Lynchs designs inspire peoples imagination and take visitors ona journey of visual impact.

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